• This Super Simple Slow Cooker Beef Stew is quick, easy and a family favorite Just pop it all into a Crock Pot and Set it, Forget it, Enjoy it. #crockpotrecipes #beefstew
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    Super Simple Slow Cooker Beef Stew

    TweetSharePin6Share511 SharesTwo Southern Sweeties Super Simple Slow Cooker Beef Stew { Our blog posts contain affiliate links. These don’t cost you anything, but they allow us to continue running this site and providing free content for our readers.}  It’s a bit chilly here in North Carolina right now. These are the perfect days for a nice hearty dinner done in the crock pot. This stew is not only easy to make but it will keep your family, yes even the kids, coming back for more. This beef stew recipe absolutely has a kick and more vegetables than your kids will ever guess. This is awesome with a hearty crusty bread.…

  • This Tzatziki sauce is creamy, filled with cucumbers and delicious authentic Greek flavor. Great on Greek Gyros, lamb burgers, turkey burgers, chicken and fish. | Greek Recipes | Greek Food | Sauces | #greekrecipes
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    Tzatziki Sauce

    TweetSharePin9Share9 SharesThis Tzatziki sauce is super creamy, filled with cucumbers and delicious authentic Greek flavor. I call this the “Secret Sauce” because it tastes great on just about anything you put it on. This sauce works well with many different meats. My friend Julie puts it on lamb burgers and it is absolutely delicious. This Tzatziki sauce even will work as a salad dressing. How’s that for versatile? Not only is this delicious but it is truly simple. It is a one bowl recipe that comes together in no time at all. I use a regular cucumber for this but if you would like, you could also use an English…

  • This is our authentic Sicilian pizza recipe. This is a family recipe that has a focaccia crust, cheese and pepperoni | Italian Food | #pizza
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    Authentic Sicilian Pizza

    TweetSharePin20Share20 SharesAuthentic Sicilian Pizza has a thick, focaccia like crust that is thick and soft in the middle but golden and crispy on the bottom. This authentic family pizza recipe will be your family’s new favorite. This pizza recipe is made in a half sheet pan and is thick, gooey and cheesy. It may sound like it makes a lot, however, when you and your family taste it you may find that it doesn’t serve as many people as you thought. Sicilian Pizza is great for a family dinner. There is not a whole lot prep, serves a crowd and makes a complete meal when paired with some garlic bread…

  • These tips and life hacks will seriously wishing you had known them sooner. They are such simple tips that will add big value to your life. | Two Southern Sweeties | #lifehacks

    Life’s Little Hacks

    TweetSharePin14Share216 SharesWe all can use a few great tips to help our lives be a bit easier, which is why we came up with Life’s Little Hacks! You are going to really wish you had known about these 10 life hacks sooner. Quickly Cool A Beverage We’ve all done it. We forget to put the wine, beer, water etc. in the fridge. Well this life hack will get your beverages cold in no time. No Mess Ice Pack Nobody likes a wet drippy ice pack. We are already hurting and just want to get that cold pack on it so we can start to feel better. This tip solves that…

  • We will reveal the one thing you can do to keep yourself young. If you are midlife 50 plus 60s and up we will show you an anti aging secret for free #aging
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    Do This One Thing To Help Keep Yourself Young

    TweetSharePin25Share25 SharesI am going to share a secret with y’all. If you do this one thing everyday or at least every couple days you will be sure to help keep yourself young. Oh, and you will even enjoy it. It seems everyone is looking for the fountain of youth these days. You see ads everywhere for anti aging creams, drugs, natural supplements and even surgeries that will keep us looking and feeling young. It’s become a multi billion dollar industry. Us *Boomer’s and *Gen X’rs are the ones these companies are marketing to because they are the ones that are (usually) well established and making a great share of the…

  • One Pot Chicken Skillet Dinner - Delicious One Pot Chicken Dinner that will get a hot nutritious meal on the table for you and your family in about 30 minutes. With Southwest spices as well as corn, beans and cheese it will give you a spicy little kick. #onepotmeals #onepot #chickendinner #chickenrecipes
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    One Pot Chicken Dinner

    TweetSharePin14Share317 SharesThis one pot chicken dinner will enable you to get a delicious and nutritious meal on your table in about 30 minutes. I made this one pot Chicken Skillet for dinner last night and my friend put a picture of it on Facebook. Well, since that post on Facebook last night, I have had 10+ requests both publicly and privately for the recipe. This is really a very simple recipe but is packed with a LOT of flavor. The total prep and cooking time is approximately 30 or so minutes, so easily able to be made even after a busy day at work or busy day working in the…

  • Valentines Day is the one day you really want to impress your Valentine. These cocktail recipes will make sure that you do just that. This is a great Valentines Idea. #valentines
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    Cocktails That Will Impress Your Valentine

    TweetSharePin1Share1 SharesImpress your Valentine this year with one of our delicious Valentine Cocktails. Let’s face it, life is hectic! Sometimes it’s all you can do to get dinner on the table for your loved ones, let alone make a nice romantic dinner for you and your significant other. Well whip up one of these yummy Valentine’s Day cocktails, sit down with your Valentine and take at least a few moments to have a drink together. We promise you will impress your Valentine with one of these. Make it a great day, you deserve it! Tracey White Strawberry Sangria Ingredients: 1 (750 ml) bottle dry white wine, such as pinot grigio…

  • Did You Just Give A Hacker Your Password? Find out why you should be careful when taking those "innocent quiz's" on Facebook! With so many accounts getting hacked not only on social media but bank accounts, credit cards as well as big corporations, you really need to do everything possible to protect not only your accounts but your identity. | identity theft | hacking | passwords | how to hack an account | social media | #hacking #identitytheft
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    Did You Just Give A Hacker Your Password?!?!

    TweetSharePin9Share1726 SharesOh boy, did you just give a hacker your password?? Possibly!! With so many accounts getting hacked not only on social media but bank accounts, credit cards as well as big corporations, you really need to do everything possible to protect not only your accounts but your identity. If y’all are on social media I’m sure you’ve seen those cute little tests. You know the ones, “What’s Your Princess Name”, “What’s Your Christmas Elf Name”, the list of questions that friends are asking you to repost and fill in your answers… the list truly does go on and on. What y’all have to realize with these fun little games…