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50 Things Every Woman Should Have By Age 50

50 Things Every Woman Should Have By Age 50

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Women over the age of 50 make up a very large portion of the population these days. After all, if you haven’t heard, 50 is the new 30! While by no means complete, this is a very insightful list of possible goals for those of us that are over 50.

1. An old boyfriend who makes you smile with melancholy when you remember him and an old boyfriend who makes you proud of how far you’ve come.

2. A piece of furniture that has never been previously owned by anyone in your family that you bought with your own money and makes you happy.

3. An outfit that makes you feel invincible if your future employer or man of your dreams calls to meet you in an hour.

4. A set of lingerie that you would not be ashamed to be seen wearing.

5. At least one scar on your heart where HE hurt you.

6. A past juicy enough that you’re looking forward to retelling it in your old age.

7. The realization that you are actually going to have an old age — and some money set aside to help fund it.

8. An email address, a voice mailbox, and a bank account — all of which nobody has access to but you.

9. A dream so big it scares you.

10. At least One friend who always makes you laugh and one who lets you cry.

11. A set of screwdrivers, a cordless drill, and a pair of totally unpractical shoes.

12. Something ridiculously expensive that you bought for yourself, just because you deserve it.

13. The belief that you are worthy of treating yourself with respect.

14. A skin-care regimen, an exercise routine, a push-up bra and a great pair of spankx

15. At least One recipe you cook well to impress the fussiest of guests

16. A place to go just to think… where you can be completely alone with your thoughts.

17. At least one child who looks to you for guidance and advice…even if he or she isn’t your own.

18. The knowledge on how to break-up with a man or confront a friend without losing your temper or your self respect.

19. At least one lover who knew exactly how to touch you to make your toes curl.

20. The memory of a kiss so powerful…just the thought of it could sustain you into old age.

21. The medical history that runs in your family so you can take care of YOU!

22. The ability to live on your own and not be dependent on anyone.

23. An outfit that feels like you are in a cocoon and safe from the world…its usually fleece or flannel

24. The ability to let go of the hurts from your childhood and embrace the fact that your parents did the best they could with the skills they had

25. One secret that makes you smile.

26. A memory that makes you cringe….because those memories were lessons that brought you to here

27. A journal full of your deepest thoughts

28. A person you can call at 4 in the morning because you’re in a bind

29. The knowledge of what you are willing to accept and what you are not in a relationship

30. Something you do that’s just for you and no one else.

31. A piece of jewelry that has sentimental meaning

32. An older woman in your life who embodies the traits you wanna develop in your old age.

33. A spirituality that feeds your spirit and nourishes your soul.

34. A soundtrack to your life that when you hear it on the radio you sing at the top of you lungs

35. Someone or something you LOVE with your whole heart

36. A to do list that never gets completely checked off

37. Enough money to run away in case you have to

38. A purpose to rise out of bed every morning

39. The ability to look in a mirror and love the ripples and bumps and wrinkles that stare back at you….because you earned them all over time.

40. The ability to say NO without having to add anything further.

41. A hobby that you can get lost in for hours.

42. A hole in your heart from losing someone you have loved deeply…

43. Done at least one thing kind for someone that has no way to ever repay your kindness…

44. A “Been there – Done that” T-shirt to starting over from scratch..whether it be from a divorce, a career change, a massive loss or surviving life’s curve ball.

45. A photo album full of memories..even if it’s on a flash drive or saved to the cloud.

46. A passport… Up to date and ready to be stamped for the next adventure.

47. At least one grey hair, wrinkle and saggy body part…. If you don’t.. Something’s wrong.

48. An accomplishment that’s all yours…outside of your children, not tied to your spouse…something you have done or created all on your own.

49. The knowledge of who you are as a woman. What makes you happy and what is no longer tolerated.

50. The understanding that 50 is not over the hill…its not even close to the hill…. There is no hill even on the horizon….cuz you still have shit to do….

*This was not written by Two Southern Sweeties. We would be happy to give credit to the original author if anyone knows who it is definitively

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  • Maureen

    I didn’t think anyone would have been able to come up with 50 points that portrays a woman as well as this one does. When I am down, I go through this again and then start to see that I have done a pretty good job.

  • Liz Henry

    Today is my 54th birthday and I’m so glad I found this guide! I love the fact that I could pretty much check off almost ever points….
    It makes me realize how very Blessed I am!

  • Leigh Lloyd

    Great list! Thanks for posting. As a 63 year old woman I can say I am almost there with all of these. Took a while to get there.

        • Wendle Beaton

          yep….it was ME!….. Wendle Beaton….you can see THIS and other blog writing on my website…. http://www.RebelSpirit.ca….when I first posted this…it went viral and I was floored by just how far reaching this was…….It went to over 25 million readers within 4 days…… Im sure somewhere along the way in internet land, my name was unattached…..lol…… We all need a little reminder every now and then….just how far we have come and how great our life has been to date…..

          Thank you for sharing…I wish you all a Very Merry Christmas….and a wonderful prosperous New Year…xox


          • Lorna

            Thank YOU Wendle.. it has reached South Africa and way beyond.. 10/10 for your amazing perception.. I’m 70 and completely on the same page (and still happily married after nearly 50 years with inevitable ups and downs :))

          • Kaylene Donnelly

            Thank you Wendle ,This says it all , I will share this with my Bestie here in Australia as only girls would do, over a bottle of White πŸ™‚

        • Cindy

          Please verify author. Pamela Redmond Satran is the author of 30 things a woman should know by the time she’s 30. She originally wrote the list in the late 90’s but the book was only published in 2012.

  • Yaya

    This ia amazing… I’m not yet 40 but this is an amazing list. I love it. Thank you for posting. It’s truly a Beautiful thing when Women boost each other. <3 It is so rear these days.


  • Vicki

    Janis, thanks for sharing this brilliant list. It’s a wonderful guide to help women realize that we’re ready to embrace 50 wholeheartedly. Ladies, attach this list to your heart and know that you have made it. How wonderful it is to be 50, smart, intelligent, wise and successful. Live on ladies and continue the ride of life! Great read, Vicki B

  • Barbara

    While I am not yet 40, I have several of these items checked off and am in the works with several. It is amazing as we age, how we evolve. Sometimes I would love to be 20 again, so young and full of life. But I love where I am now and where I am going, I have gained so much knowledge and wisdom that I wouldn’t trade growing older for an eternity of youth. Thank you for posting this, it gave me a much needed boost today!

  • Melanie

    I turned 66 yesterday, and I feel like I have come into my own just in the past year. I have almost every one of the 50. How reaffirming to see a life so well-lived. I would only go back to being in my 30’s if I could take all I know with me!

  • Catherine Blacknall

    Thanks for the reminder of all that we should accomplish at age 50. I just turned 69 and know I have made the 50 mark with accomplishing all. I will journal them along with my journal of 101 things that I started journaling in May 2009. There is much power in focusing on the plan that we have absolutely nothing to contribute to but time. It will take care of all 50 things, prayerfully by age 50. An excellent guide — thank you again for sharing.

  • ~*~Anon~*~

    I am going to be 37 on Monday.
    I have accomplished many of these, but far from all…. This is a list that I will print out and keep as a Pre-Bucket List. Much of it inspires me, and fires my soul to grow.

  • Christina

    A great pair of spanx? Cringe. How about body positiviy and not making women feel ashamed of their bodies? “A great pair of spanx” sounds like we’re going back to the 50’s and girdles. Did our foremothers not fight for us to feel comfortable in our own skin, no matter what size? With no spanx needed if not wanted.

    • Jenn

      I agree, Christina. Same with the push-up bra. When I was a developing teenager, Granny told me, “You are NOT a set of boobies. Don’t let anyone treat you as if you were.” Ah, the wisdom of the past…

      • Tina

        I believe it was referring to not having to resort to surgery. And at 50+ a pushup bras or Spanx gives an outfit it’s shape. Don’t you think.

    • Janie

      Also why can’t we just have a set of tools…….period. Why do we have to make up for beingprepared with a pair of shoes? Not inspiring.

  • Sherry

    Very inspiring and very true in every area!!! I love when woman say positive supporting and up lifting words and things to others! Thanks for sharing it Mz.Dena!!!!

  • Daphna

    What an amazing list. I am 37 but had made me realized of a life well lived with bitter and sweet memories that made me tear. How incredible it is to go throught life feeling proud and accomplished of who we are and have become. Absolutely love it!!!

  • Barbara

    As I approach my 70th birthday reading this just made every thing in my life worth it. I suppose this sums it all up…I have lived….each of the 50 do’s. I can honestly say, I have done or experienced .

    • Lucille Stewart

      Right on Betsy! I dreaded turning 30 more than any other age. As it turned out my 30’s and 40’s were the best years of my life. I had my son at age 37 and my daughter at age 40. My husband and I wanted children early in our marriage and had all the test possible at that time. We kept wondering why the Lord was making us wait. As we all know “in His time”. again our all knowing God had a plan for us, I didn’t realize what it was until much later in life. He gave us our children to take care of us in our “what is sometimes called the Golden years” I am 85 now and I am so grateful for all His Blessings on us and give God the Glory, Praise and Honor for all His goodness, mercy and Grace.

  • Bethany

    Seems a little selfish and shallow in some ways. Not all of us are happy with the same things, so try not to put yourself in a box like this, expecting to measure up to someone else’s standard. Nice guideline, but not a menu to follow.

  • Claudia Pohl

    Six more years to finish off this list and the instant realization, that I actually already have most on it!
    So I guess this means I am one very lucky and accomplished girl – though I do not have what society thinks I ought to have at my age… Time to accknowledge that, it seems, be happy and just live MY life exactly the way I already do – MY WAY!

  • Stacey

    I would hope long before 50 a woman would not be ashamed of lingerie. I also find that an odd statement in the same list saying she should own a pair of Spanx. (Or girdle or a lace up corset…that’s not progress or empowering to women. That’s the same ridiculous standard from Victorian times and earlier.)
    I found a lot of items on this list kind of sexist and demeaning.

    • Terry

      Maybe when you “grow up” you’ll understand. We’re not all femminazi’s and we truly DO want to look svelte and polished at times….FOR US!!!!

      If you found this “sexist and demeaning”, you need to go to your “quiet spot” and do some introspection!!!

      • Desreine Taylor

        I agree. We should just lighten up sometimes. There’s a time and place for everything, including femi-nazism. Life is short! πŸ˜‰

  • Jamie

    I like this but wish it had less focus on things that happened in past relationships. It’s OK to let that stuff go and not be pining about it/thinking about that stuff years later. Either way is acceptable and not something a woman should or needs to reflect on.

  • jennifer

    Maya Angelou was the original author, although this version has been “adapted” some to include email, voicemail and some other thing not included in the original.

  • Beckie

    I LOVED this list. My niece sent it to me and I smiled, and almost cried, at many of them. It makes me proud of me and so very glad to be a member of such an amazing club!!

  • Hallie

    at 57, I can tell you only that this rings true and sweet…I would only only add that when you look in the mirror- giggle at yourself, wink and blow you a kiss

  • Wendle Beaton

    Hello, I am the writer of this list of 50 Things….When I first posted this…It went viral within 4 days going to over 25 million readers….I’m sure during its reposting across the globe my name was somewhere erased…. My name is Wendle Beaton and my website is http://www.RebelSpirit.ca…. Thank you for finding inspiration in this list and posting it for your followers…. We all need a little reminder every now and then just how far we’ve come….. Merry Christmas from Toronto Canada….???

    • Janice Berger

      I love this, and would love to have a printed copy. I can honestly say at age 70, “I HAVE DONE IT ALL?” I am single, in love, financially stable, do volunteer work that I love. When I was 50, I quit my job, that I had worked at for 30 years, and I went back to college.. It was one my fondest memories. Life is an adventure, live it to the fullest, everyday.

      This is your life, live it well.

  • Amber McGuire

    Love the list…..proud to say I’m pretty close to complete. Won’t do the spanks or underwire…LOL… or the lingerie – but that’s okay by me. Always nice to feel the feelings when reading the list now and again β™₯ Cheers to the ladies that are able to love themselves, for it gives us the power to love others. (I will be 65 in May)

  • CJM

    Actually this was written by Pamela Redmond Satran. Only steal from the best. You should really give credit to the author and not present the work of others as your own. Shame on you.

  • Learetta

    Brava! I am going to check out the push up bra. I am thankful for my life and what I’ve been able to accomplish, the people I’ve helped and for those who have truly loved me. What will the world look like when women all over the world can stand in their own truth ?

  • Lady

    “Should”…….says who? I loathe the use of that word in this context.

    We are each totally unique and different. I’d prefer a heading that’s less self-opinionated, honest and less judgmental! e.g. “50 things I think/we believe……..

    I don’t care for underwear or skin care regimes nor do I need to pay the shareholders of spanx products to boost my self esteem.

    Gimme traveled round the world, raised a refugee child, given real time to a non-profit, helped a prostitute off the street into paid employment, housed the homeless, set up a Christmas shelter, picked up litter, taken risks and succeeded sometimes without fearing disapproval or needing reassurance, know what’s happening in other parts of thew world.

    These types of things will earn my respect and to me, the rest is fluff, self-obsessive, navel-gazing fluff.

    At 50 I wish everyone to have the maturity and awareness to bring their gifts to change the lives of others less fortunate than those reading this. To know that no amount of lip-liner can ever match the experience of receiving a smile from someone whose life has altered it’s trajectory because you were the catalyst that made it possible

    So may 2017 bring you the gifts of high self esteem, courage to effect change and freedom to go out into the world and try something new, take a risk at failing, just because you can.

    • Sophia

      WOW! Try lightening up and taking in the context in which it was probably written. As with most articles, it is simply the authors perspective. Furthermore, although it may cause you pain; try giving credit or acknowledgment to those things on the list that are truly empowering and important to have.

    • Amina

      I agree with your sentiments! This list is not very empowering. Its the equivalent of a fashion magazine telling you what you need or should have. Why do I need spanx? I’d rather have a body that doesn’t need them…one I’ve worked hard for via sweat, exercise and constant movement that brings health and happiness. And what’s wrong with antiques (mid-century being my favorite)? They’re much better than new furniture. Beautiful antique. ‘pre-owned’ furniture is far more valuable that something you pick up at Ikea or the local department store.

      And finally, I’d rather have the ability to actually spell out the words “want to” – instead of the inane “wanna” – than half the stuff on this “should” list.

    • Ruth

      I am 77 years old and have yet to live my life by someone else’s guidelines. I’m well beyond wondering what “my” image represents in relation to any standard society, cosmetic or lingerie company thinks it should be. Thank you for acknowledging all of this in your comment, also.

  • Judith Hughes

    I think this is just as important…

    A marriage you fought for and as you look back, you are glad you did.

    He has passed, The first 10 years where awful…after that we became best friends.

  • XCMom

    I’ll be working to complete this list by 60…a couple may have to be by 65, but I’ll do it. Thanks for posting. This really touched me.

  • pkingplgl

    Most assuredly, on each of these points. It took me a little past forth to get them all but I’m almost there a lot of them I’ve been doing on my own already due to issues with my husband. But I find other ways.i take off on my own whenever the urge strikes me. Because of his actions earlier in our marriage, I freely come and go and he has no say. Like being married to your brother. Not meaning to sound so maudlin. I know is I have many sisters who are completely happy to be married. I’m not one. But I refused to pay him support and alimony.i refuse, so I’m stuck…

  • Karla

    This may have been addressed in above comments, but the list was actually written by Pamela Redmond Satran for a Glamour Magazine article in 1997. She had just passed her 30th birthday and wanted to share some of the truths she had come to know at that time. It was later mistakenly attributed to Maya Angelou. Here is a good article about it and also a mention of a book Glamour published in 2012 with the original list and several other personal anecdotes and essays from notable women like Kathy Griffin, Lisa Ling, Lauren Conrad, Taylor Swift, Katie Couric, and… Maya Angelou, among others.

    I’ve tried to link the website to my comment. But if it doesn’t link then go to www. womenyoushouldknow .net and search /things-every-woman-should-have-and-should-know-a-poem

    Such great wisdom that resonates with so many of us! It’s no wonder it has become such a viral phenomenon!

  • Ren

    I love this. At 63 and a widow since I was 48, I’ve had to pick myself up and start over more times than I care to say. What’s ironic is that I printed out a “Winter’s Bucket List” for my aunt and my mother for Christmas. I was debating to make one for myself and now I have my list! A lot of done and a lot more to do. I’ve labeled it, “My Life’s Adventures…to be continued.”

    Thank you to whomever thought this up.

  • Meg Feroli

    Awesome list! My mom raised me and my 3 sisters to be independent women, Not an easy thing back in the late 1960’s and 70’s. At 56, I’ve had a multitude of jobs, many close friends, many lost friends, many new friends. I have my own toolkit (since my husband’s is in shambles), I have painted my entire house largely on my own. I have replaced garbage disposals and fixed toilets. But mostly, I have raised 2 boys to be grown men with a respect for women who are strong and capable. This list should be required reading to any woman aged 20 years and up!

  • Gloria

    I have loved to the highest and been dropped ro the lowest….never not liking who I am and at 72 there is much more ahead of me…to learn and share…

  • Lisa

    Today I turn 50. I look at this list and see that I have accomplished pretty much all. I don’t know what it is to feel 50 because other than the pain in my knee I still feel 20. I am embracing my age. All the wrinkles and flaws , all the proud moments, they have made me who I am and I can look back at it all and build from it. I am happy and optimistic that all the dark parts I lived through and ‘survived’ are in the past and I am going to make my future the best years yet. πŸ™‚

  • Cathy McComas

    I work for an Assisted Living and last year when I had my 50th birthday, I had women in their 80s tell me that their 60s were the best ~ looking forward to finding out! πŸ™‚

  • Linda

    At 80 I have found more depth in my soul and more love in my life than in all the years that have gone before. Age is really a lot about bout attitude, and your list exudes attitude – the right kind! Thank you Sweeties! – From a Northern Dragon! πŸ™‚

  • Ben Bouchard

    Well not a woman and the push up bra etc doesnt apply but why would this only apply to women? I’m happy to consider these accomplishments for me as well.

  • gwendoline

    I’m going to be 50 in a few days time and I have everything apart from the spankx, but that’s because I’m comfortable in my own skin. Looking forward to the next 50 years. x

  • Gail Gilvin

    What a well thought-out list – thanks to whoever authored it! I’m happy to say there are only a few items on the list to which I cannot relate. As an Octogenarian, however, the one that’s becoming most difficult is #32. The most difficult life event I currently face is having to say a final farewell to so many of the extraordinary women who have graced my life. Fortunately, there are a large number of younger women in my life who continue to be an inspiration to me.

  • Jenn

    I’m a 42 year old woman and I’m looking at this as a road map to where I want to be. Thanks for posting it! I’m going to save this to refer back to from time to time.

  • Aimee

    At 43, I feel like I have a good start on this list. No chance in hell I’ll have all this by 50 – but wasn’t that #36?? ;o) I also am using this as a starter for my (almost) 15 year old with an old soul. Thank you for posting this – it serves as a great reminder to the beauty that is womanhood. Happy holidays to all!!


    Hey ladies I read this on a friend’s Facebook account. I have Three children all DAUGHGTERS & hope that they achieve t& exceed this list. Nice work

  • Mercedes Delgado

    Thank you to whoever wrote this, it made me smile and feel giddy when I went through the list and found out I have all 50 things and made me stop at every point and think and bring back memories of the path of my life til now. I am 57 but like many here I do not feel any older, in my mind I am still 20. I’ve loved the life I’ve lived and it’s been full of struggles to get to where I am now, but I would not change a thing because I love who I became along the way. We are beautiful, never doubt it, age is nothing but a number!

  • Jessica Dewey

    This list is nearly perfect!! I am happy to say I have “been there and done all of that” even if I don’t have the tee shirt to prove it?

  • Johanna

    I really loved this! It helped me to realize that turning 50 is not a curse. It’s a moment where you glance back in the rear view mirror at the good, bad and ugly and realize that this is what made me who I am today. I am very proud to have arrived at this Age of Enlightenment and look forward to looking ahead to do things a little better and more adventurous than the first 50. Cheers ! You made me smile and giggle today !

  • AR Mac

    I am 54 today and as I reflect on my life and read this list, it makes me realize how far I have come with all that I have checked on the list AND and how much further I have to go to complete it.. Great list…. Thank you Wendle Beaton for making this list and thank you to those for sharing!!! Merry Christmas to you all and may your list be accomplished…

  • Sharon

    I adore this list and have accomplished much (but I have a few to catch up on)
    After 30 years, I went to work full time this year after raising 4 kids to adulthood (because I wanted to not because I got a divorce or became a widow …. because I get asked that question frequently)
    I celebrated my 55th last week by getting my first tattoo! So I guess that somewhat juicy past is still gathering details)
    I feel like I just began a fresh new life, full of exciting adventures.

  • Ren

    Karla, the website showed up with no problem when I copied and pasted it to my friend on facebook.

    Then, I went to the original and copied and pasted it in place of the one shown here. I guess I just like things in the original (most of the time). Thank you for sharing.

    • Karla

      Oh good! I don’t know why I couldn’t post the link but there could be filters to alleviate spammers (which is a good thing!) πŸ™‚ I always try to find out who originally wrote or said something if there’s some ambiguity … it’s like a challenge to me. I love the message and love this post & how it’s brought the message to even more strong, capable, independent women! I also love reading everyone’s comments! Empowering. By the way I’m 55 and have checked quite a few of these off my list! LOL

    • Karla

      Oh good! I don’t know why I couldn’t post the link but there could be filters to alleviate spammers (which is a good thing!) πŸ™‚ I always try to find out who originally wrote or said something if there’s some ambiguity … it’s like a challenge to me. I love the message and love this post & how it’s brought the message to even more strong, capable, independent women! I also love reading everyone’s comments! Empowering. By the way I’m 55 and have checked quite a few of these off my list! (well…. almost all of them!) LOL

  • Kirsten

    This list brought a smile, a giggle, a tear or two, outright belly laughs, and a sense of looking forward to 50 and beyond, while satisfied and at peace with all that’s come and gone. Nearly there, and I’ve just applied to go back for my NP. Thanks for posting this!

  • Anne

    When I got to item 32 “. An older woman in your life who embodies the traits you wanna develop in your old age.” I realised that I am that older woman to whom other look for inspiration. You need another list of things a woman should have once she reaches the age of 80.

  • Deanna Lueder

    I am 72 and still find this to be mostly current. I think aging is different for every woman as it depends so much on health, situation and personal security. It is heartening to read and reassuring, too, to find myself not alone, although we are all alone in some senses. Thanks.

  • Valencia Johnson

    I just came across this article the other day and it stopped me in my tracks. I am turning 50 beautiful years old in 3 weeks. These 50 things had me thinking and required me to go deep into my soul to search out the answers. This is powerful and I have it posted on my vision board. I will always refer to these 50 things to keep me balanced and lifted. I just Love Love Love!!

  • Gina Jackson

    Fcking A! Bravo! Love this and am proud to say that at 59 I can “own up” to each of the items on the list – with the exception of the spankx in#14. My @k.deer leggings will have to do! πŸ˜‰ Bravo

  • Geneva

    48 in a couple friends days. Didn’t realize how many of these I had and how important they were as I close in on 50. I realize I am finally owning who I am and what I have become. I am not allowing others to do direct me anymore. Thank you for this list.

  • Elizabeth Reimer

    I am 74, have accomplished these things and a few more. I consider mine a life well lived. I’ve counseled many young women as well as guided those older who had suffered life shattering loss. Mostly I’ve modeled living life with joy, dignity and resiliency. My many mistakes turned to wisdom. Beneath this strength is a total faith in the love that God has for me. Adventures await, age means only challenges. Don’t stop living until they put dirt on you.

  • Elizabeth Reimer

    My gentle, softly Southern mother once said to me, “Every Southern woman’s first name should be ‘Grace’ and she is usually called by most anything else .”

  • Nenna

    I love this, in my 40’s I realized I was comfortable in my own skin. I’ve gotten calmer and stronger over the years. This is a beautiful guide for anyone.

  • Alecia

    The actual author is Pamela Redman Satran. It is frequently reprinted and forwarded. Hers was for 30 so a few extras have been tacked on. A link to her comments on the original publication (which I read all those years ago…) can be found by googling her name and Glamour. (Your form won’t let me add it here.)

  • Kristi

    Thank you. I love it. I turn 49 on December 28th, and I’m going to look at this list and be thankful for the blessings I have,as well as see what I want to accomplish in the next year.

  • Deborah Carter

    The main thing I am proud to have gift myself, by the time I was 50, was such a self-confidence and a satisfaction with my (unique) self that I didn’t have to take anyone’s list seriously anymore. πŸ™‚


    I love it all 50 and then some, I especially9,25 33,34,41,50 even though I ‘m in the process of celebrating my
    62nd birthday i will take this list to heart and share it with my sisters and daughter


      whatI was saying is that I have actually accomplished something that I put off for years,
      I finally got my AABa Degree and it made me feel as though I had truly filled a void in my life
      and now my moving forward is still moving forward in life

  • Laura Owens

    Thank your Two Southern Ladies, for putting things into perspective. Wish I had seen this article previously ; for I did not actually see the milestone as a mild- stone, to be gently turned over-as a new leaf. Feel like walking, light- stepping, in and into my new celebratory garments. A little taller, and a lot wiser.

  • Bresenna

    Hi. ..I’m 52 and I love this list….I lost my mom at age 26….I have had no mother figures or sister figures to age gracefully with. …no one to ask “hey how do I grow old!” lol…would appreciate any real friendships or support system coming from this blog…

    • Two Southern Sweeties

      I’m so happy you enjoyed it! I can’t even imagine not having my Mom with me now let alone at such a young age. I will be 52 in January and am grateful that I am now able to take care of my Mom as she took care of me. We are always here for our friends and followers! Just give us a holler if you need us.
      Make it a great day!

  • Amy Leigh Kiegel Gibbs

    This is great! I agree with all especially the memory of a lover who made my toes curl and one accomplishment I am proud of, something I achieved for myself.

  • Kristal Charles

    I am 35 and I’m so happy I came across this. It gives me hope through all life’s challenges. I am excited for what lies ahead and I’ll continue to grow and learn, most of all I would no longer believe that time is running out and that things are not happening. Everything is great.

  • Judy Mauro

    All 50 of the comments (tips) tugged at my heari. I’m 71 yrs young I’ve had many ups & downs in my life, some ups I wish I could still have. Some are severe downs, but hell I’m still here doing what I want & no one is here telling me what I can or can’t do.
    Thank you.

  • Katherine

    Appreciate your children. I’m one woman that almost certainly won’t have that when I’m fifty. Passing forty, in a pickle, with a guy but I wish he wasn’t my last stop, cos he’s not father material and he knows it, but how did I ever get to the stage that im glad of something than nothing, the younger me would be derisive of this me! Losing hope of sorting it out before its too late, now THAT is heartbreak

  • Sara-Nett Wood

    I am in my 70’s and see the true for all. May I share this with friends?
    Thank you for these words of wisdom, of women, to women.

    • Martha Bramlett

      WOW!! I must say that I am impressed with the article. To coin the phrase,”you hit the nail on the head”!!! Thank you for such wonderful insight, ladies.

  • Catherine Cantine

    I love and appreciate this. I will print this and have fun with putting my check marks and adding a few. I also embrace that life restricts some of these experiences, but that only allows room for something different. I’m 54 and still here with my health intact. It’s nice to see that I share this journey with others. Thank you!

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