Tracey  and Aileen were both born in Mobile, Alabama. They met each other many years later through friends and have been best friends ever since. They both currently live in Johnston County, North Carolina.

Recently, Aileen has stepped back to deal with her career and family.

People often ask, “So who is the “2” in Two Southern Sweeties now that Aileen is not a part of it any longer?” That’s simple to answer, YOU! All of you that assist me to make this blog what it is with your stories, tips, recipes and life lessons. I also have another very good friend named Eileen. She is North Carolina born and raised and is always helping me with this blog. 

Tracey has dealt with many life changes over the past several years. She recently married her very significant other, Tom. She has 3 wonderful children, Brianna, Jessica and Jacob (Jessica and Jacob are her step children from her last marriage but she feels they are hers, through and through). Tracey is also a very proud Nonni to a handsome little man named Brandon. He is the light of her life.

They thought they would share their interests, tips, recipes and stories (many of them down right silly) of life in the South.

They hope y’all enjoy and share a bit of yourself  as well.

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