Deodorants can be used for many things such as clammy hands, bug bites, pimples freshen your closet and smelly feet just to name a few.

6 Alternative Uses For Deodorant

6 Alternative Uses For Deodorant

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We scoured the web and have come up with 6 alternative uses for deodorant that can be extremely helpful. We don’t like to let things go to waste and will usually find some strange way to use things. It just so happens that these are very useful!!

If you’re like us, you have at least 4 or 5 containers of deodorant tucked in places in your bathroom.

Some we got as free samples in the mail, some were purchased and forgot, some we were able to get with coupons but really didn’t need and some we just plain didn’t like.

Take a look at these great and simple alternative ways to use your extra deodorant.

6 Alternative Uses For Deodorant

Stop Blisters With Antiperspirants
Rub a stick antiperspirant on the sides and bottom of clean, dry feet to lubricate problem spots

6 Alternative Uses For Deodorant Stopping a bug bite from itching

Take The Itch Out Of Bug Bites
I have found Dry Idea Roll-on  works great for this.  Just roll the deodorant over the bite and the itch will reduce.

6 Alternative Uses For Deodorant Freshening A Linen Closet

Freshen Your Closet 
Do you have a deodorant that you love the smell of?  Take the lid of and place it in your closet.   In China, they are using deodorant to freshen up the smell of their landfills.

6 Alternative Uses For Deodorant clammy hands

Calm Clammy Hands 
Do you get clammy, sweaty hands when you get nervous?  Well if you’re in that situation and  know you’ll be shaking hands you may want to coat your hands with a clear antiperspirant.  It will keep your hands nice and dry and not expose your nerves.

6 alternative uses for deodorant drying up a pimple

Dry A Pimple
Yet another way to save money on expensive skin care cream.  If you have a pimple and want it to dry out fast, rub a new bar of deodorant on it.  It will also work on fever blisters.

6 alternative uses for deodorant stopping stinky feet

Stop Stinky Feet 
Someone in your house have a problem with stinky feet?  Have them use deodorant on their feet and it will stop the odor and the sweat.  Their shoes and everyone in the household will appreciate it.

Do y’all have any other tips or ideas? If so, please let us know so that we can add them to our list. We love to include ideas from our readers!

Make it a great day, you deserve it!

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  • Jennifer Berry

    I am a bigger lady and I have a specific deodorant stick to put on my thighs in the summer so they prevent chaffing while walking especially when in a them park or water park. Works better if it’s a powdered solid insted of clearstick or gel. I prefer the native brand myself😊

      • Carol

        I’m going to try this the next time I get a fever blister. I usually apply tea tree oil to them as soon as I feel it coming on and it stops them in their tracks.

        I use separate deodorant on my feet when I don’t want to wear socks with my shoes. I also apply some to the inside of my shoes before I slip my feet into them. It really works!!

        Like Diana commented, I too will use deodorant underneath my girls when needed. I take it a step further and apply the deodorant completely around my bra line. If I’ll be outside for a long period of time, working outside, working out, etc. I will also apply deodorant on the places where I perspire, like down my spine, the back of my neck (I have long curly hair), where my panties hit & around my waistline where my shorts or pants hit. I too will apply it between my thighs like Jennifer commented. I have been blessed with my family’s thunder thighs.

        Thank you for these ideas. I appreciate you.

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