How To Get Cash Back On Your Online Shopping - Since we are all shopping online during this quarantine and shelter in place while the virus is going around, you may as well get cash back on those online purchases. #onlineshopping #moneytips

How To Get Cash Back On Your Online Shopping

How To Get Cash Back On Your Online Shopping

With all of this sickness (flu, Coronavirus / Covid 19 and colds) many of us are having to do much of our shopping online. If you are shopping – and NOT using this – you are literally throwing your money away!!

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It may be hard to believe, but I (and MANY others) have found out how to get cashback on your online shopping. I know, you may be thinking this couldn’t possibly be true, however, it is!

More and more people are forgoing the stores either because they are closed or for the convenience of shopping and ordering online. It is nice to just have to click on something, enter your information and then have it delivered to your doorstep.

ALERT ALERT ALERT…. Right now, they will actually GIVE YOU $40!!! There isn’t a “catch” it costs nothing to sign up!

I know, you are most likely wanting me to get to the good stuff and asking “How Do I Get Cash Back?”.

Ok, here it is!

I (and many others) use Rakuten to get cash back on most everything I buy.

They work with a bunch of big name brands like Kohls, Nordstroms and Amazon so that I can always get money back from my favorite stores.

This is completely FREE!

There is also a Chrome Extension that you can add to your tool bar that will notify you when you are shopping on a site that has cash back available through Rakuten

Just click on that big green Rakuten picture above and check it out for yourself! You can also click HERE! 

The other great thing is that right now, many of the stores are offering double the amount of cash back!!

If you have ever used Rakuten  leave us a comment and let us know about your experience.

Seriously, you have to shop and buy things so why not get money back when you do it?

Make it a great day

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