• Our Story Of Hurricane Florence

    Our Story Of Hurricane Florence

    Well, the sun is out! We survived Hurricane Florence!! I really wanted to put out a well written blog post about this entire nightmare named Florence, however, I’m finding it pretty difficult to find words to put to it. It was scary and still is, as the Cape Fear and Little River’s still have not crested. My husband and I had to go out in the middle of it to assist our neighbor across the street, who’s husband is on a ventilator. They had a piece of siding that was torn part way off and banging against the house. We were afraid it would break the window of their bedroom.…

  • 30 Things I learned From My Mom


    BIG NEWS So, there is a big change going on in my life that I wanted to share with y’all. This week, my husband and I are moving my 80 year old Mother from Buffalo NY, into our home here in North Carolina. (Yes, my husband may look like a big, long haired, tattooed, grouchy ass, biker…however, he really is a Saint for not only OK’ing this whole thing but encouraging it.) One of the reasons I wanted to share this with you is that there may be some lapses in posting for the┬ánext week or so. When there has been a lapse in the past, y’all have been so…