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    20 Amazing Uses For Baking Soda

    20 Amazing Uses For Baking Soda Did y’all know that Baking Soda can be used for so many more things than just keeping your refrigerator smelling nice and baking with? Ok, well honestly I did know but I had no idea there were so MANY different uses. We put together several of these to share with y’all. We would love to hear from y’all about how YOU use Baking Soda in your lives and households so jump on in here and leave us your comments. Make it a great day! Septic Care  Regular use of baking soda in your drains can help keep your septic system flowing freely. One cup…

  • It's not just for dishes. These 28 tips will help make your life easier. From dealing with greasy hair, manicures, house plant insect problems, clean windows and showers to cleaning tools #lifetips #lifehacks #dawn
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    Dawn Dish Soap . . . It’s Not Just For Dishes Anymore

    Dawn Dish Soap … It’s Not Just For Dishes Anymore Here are 28 little tips for using Dawn Dish Soap that will make your life much easier and it has nothing to do with washing dishes. WILDLIFEEver wonder why Dawn Dish Soap is the wildlife cleaner of choice after an oil spill? According to the International Bird Rescue Research Center, Dawn effectively removes grease but does not cause harm to the skin of the birds. It’s also biodegradable and contains no phosphates. BUBBLESAccording to Bubbles.org, Dawn Dish Soap makes great homemade bubbles. Here is the Giant Bubble Recipe used in bubble makers at many children’s museums: 1/2 cup Ultra Dawn 1/2…

  • How To Pay Only $30 A Year For Laundry Soap
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    How To Spend Only $30 Per Year For Laundry Soap

    Would you like to spend Only $30 Per Year For Laundry Detergent? Yep, I thought so! Well we are going to show you how! As you know I finally took the plunge last year and made my own liquid laundry soap. It was fantastic!! Of course because I can never leave well enough alone I wanted to try a powdered laundry soap. I went searching around and found lots of recipes for powdered laundry soap. They all varied a bit, but none of them really struck me as being great. Then I found one on One Good Thing By Jillee. It said that you could make a years worth of laundry soap…

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    Homemade Liquid Laundry Soap

    This homemade liquid laundry soap is cheap, easy and quick to make. The other day, I ran out of laundry soap and just didn’t feel like driving into town to go to the store Now I had told Aileen about homemade laundry soap a while back. She actually made it and had been using it for some time. I just always had an excuse as to why I hadn’t tried it..still had store bought soap left…not enough time to make it…blah blah blah. Well, let me tell you I will NEVER have another excuse again!!! I am sure Aileen will post the recipe that she uses for her detergent as…