• Valentines Day is the one day you really want to impress your Valentine. These cocktail recipes will make sure that you do just that. This is a great Valentines Idea. #valentines
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    Cocktails That Will Impress Your Valentine

    Impress your Valentine this year with one of our delicious Valentine Cocktails. Let’s face it, life is hectic! Sometimes it’s all you can do to get dinner on the table for your loved ones, let alone make a nice romantic dinner for you and your significant other. Well whip up one of these yummy Valentine’s Day cocktails, sit down with your Valentine and take at least a few moments to have a drink together. We promise you will impress your Valentine with one of these. Make it a great day, you deserve it! Tracey White Strawberry Sangria Ingredients: 1 (750 ml) bottle dry white wine, such as pinot grigio or…

  • Tropical Coconut Smoothie - A taste of the islands to keep you hydrated and cool during these hot summer months, or anytime.
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    Tropical Coconut Smoothie

    I just had to share this Tropical Coconut Smoothie with y’all. The last couple of days here in Linden North Carolina, it has been 100 degrees!! Yep, y’all heard that right, 100 degrees at the end of May. Now that’s HOT even for North Carolina at this time of year. Well I found this wonderful little recipe to keep cool and hydrated while out working in the yard and on the pool. I hope y’all enjoy! Tropical Coconut Smoothie 1 1/2 cups Coconut Water 2 cups Frozen Pineapple Chunks 2 medium Bananas 2 cups Orange Juice Directions Put all of the ingredients in a blender Blend and serve **You could…

  • House Wine Of The South is Sweet Tea for all you Yankees out there. This recipe is a quick and easy version of this sweet Southern staple. | Southern Food | Southern Recipes | Southern Drinks | Southern Tea | Sweet Tea | Beverages | Southern Beverages | Tea | Two Southern Sweeties | #southernrecipes #beverages
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    House Wine Of The South – Sweet Tea

    House Wine Of The South (That’s Sweet Tea For You Yankees) In the South, iced tea is a serious thing. It is often referred to as “The House Wine of the South”. When you go into a restaurant and ask for tea, they will give you a glass with ice and some of the sweetest, most wonderful tasting tea poured over the top (diabetics beware). In Georgia, on April Fools Day, many State Legislators introduced a bill that read… As used in this Code section, the term ‘sweet tea’ means iced tea which is sweetened with sugar at the time that it is brewed. “Any food service establishment which serves…