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Choosing Songs For A Wedding…HELP!!

Well, my wedding is coming up in just a few weeks and I am coming to y’all for help again. There are so many choices and decisions to be made. One that I completely forgot about was MUSIC!!

Now, I’m not talking about the music for the ceremony, we have that covered. My Godfather, Tom Ellison, is going to play both the processional, recessional and all music at the church. He is an extremely talented jazz musician who has played with Doc Severinsen and other greats.

The music that I kind of forgot about is the Bride and Grooms First Dance, Bride and Father Dance and Groom and Mother Dance. Ugh!!

Of course I have Googled my heart out. Did y’all know there are lists upon lists of this stuff? I truly think my mind is mush at this point……which is where y’all come in.
I would really appreciate and be grateful for any recommendations for songs.

Again, I am looking for songs for the following dances…
          Bride & Groom First Dance
          Father & Bride Dance
         Mother & Groom Dance
Bring it on folks!!!
Thank you to y’all in advance!
Make it a great day!


  • Brenda

    Bride and Groom: Can’t help falling in love… Elvis
    Wonderful Tonight… Eric Clapton
    I do it for you…. Bryan Adams
    Father and Bride: Daughters… John Mayer
    I loved her first…. Heartland
    Mother and Groom: Three times a lady… Commodores
    Wind beneath my wings… Bette Midler

    Just a few to consider. Hope it helps!!

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