cut the cable cord

Cutting The Cord (Cut The Cable Cord That Is)

Have you ever received your cable or satellite statement after that initial 12 month “new customer promotion” only to find that your bill has almost doubled? Have you wanted to “Cut The Cord” but just aren’t sure how to? Well today, I’m going to tell you exactly how I did it.

cut the cable cord

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It all started about a year and a half ago exactly as I wrote above. I was going along, paying $99 a month to my local cable company for our home phone, internet, and cable TV. One day I opened my email and looked at my statement… BAM, it was $188!! Even worse, I set up all of my monthly bills through online Bill Pay through my bank and had not really paid attention to my previous month’s statement when it had hit the 13th month. So now, I had a late fee on top of everything else. I was madder than the snake that married the garden hose and about to pitch a hissy fit to that cable company. I finally calmed down and remembered that you get more flies with honey and rang the cable people on the phone. I figured I would do what everyone says to do, ask for a discount and get one. Well let me tell ya, I did NOT get a discount! I was told I was out of luck. This is what prompted me to Cut The Cord.

I did a lot of research and spoke to anyone and everyone that had finally cut the cable cord or satellite. Everyone had an answer but they were all different. The one thing that was the same was the answer to the question “Was it worth it?”. YES! Now I was on a mission, no matter what.

Here is how I cut the cable cord:

First, let me explain what we had with that cable company. We had basic cable TV channels with a DVR box (this was free as a “gift” for the first 12 months. We did not have any premium channels. We get really terrible cell phone coverage in our current home so we decided to go with the package that included the phone and of course we got our internet. Along with that was the modem and router. The entire package was $99 per month not including some taxes.

Now, on to what I did to get rid of that cable company.

After all of my research I decided on getting a Roku Stick for each TV. We were in the process of looking for a new TV for our bedroom so we purchased a TCL TV with built in Roku. There are many channels that are included with your Roku that are absolutely FREE. The items we pay for with our Roku are Netflix (which we already had), Amazon (already had, included with our Prime membership) and Sling. Sling includes many channels that you would normally see on cable TV as well as numerous sports channels. Many of the channels on Sling also have on demand viewing and include pause, rewind etc.

Next, I purchased a digital antenna for each TV. There are many different types and styles, it really depends on the look that you want. This will get you all of your local channels and several others that you probably didn’t even know were out there.

I still needed a home phone since I am not exactly the most patient person when it comes to dropped cell phone calls. I decided to go with Magic Jack. It was about $35 to purchase the equipment, which included the first year of service. Then there are all different options to extend service. I went with 5 years-$99.75 ($1.67/month). Magic Jack has many features including caller ID and voicemail. The other thing is that I am able to just unplug it and bring it with me where ever I go. So when we move next week, there isn’t any need to transfer, stop or start phone service. I just unplug the little box and plug it in at the new place.

For my internet and WiFi, I unfortunately had to stay with my cable company. They are the least expensive game in town for internet…for now.

When all is said and done, my monthly bill for everything is about $75. That is even less than I was paying for the cable company’s “promotional package”!!!

I hope this will help you to cut the cable cord. It really is so freeing!

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    • Two Southern Sweeties

      It really depends on who is available in your area. We did a lot of research between cable and DSL. We found in our area that cable was by far better for our internet. Ask around and get different opinions. People will be happy to give you their opinion both good and bad.

  • Michelle Goodwin

    I found this very helpful. My DirecTV bill is outrageous and I’m looking to cut the cord as well. I already have great internet and phone service, so I am looking into Amazon Firesticks for my 2 televisions (I also have Amazon Prime). I’ve just been using DirecTV for so long that I fear withdrawals from moving to something new.

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