Egg-Straordinary Easter Egg Tutorials
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Egg-straordinary Easter Egg Ideas

Egg-straordinary  Easter Egg Ideas

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Do y’all remember the days of using food coloring to dye Easter eggs? Then there were the little tablets that were dropped in hot water. A bit later came the tablets that would be popped into some white vinegar and cold water.

Ahh …. those were the days!

Well, these days you have so many choices and it has become an art rather than just a tradition for little kids keep.

We have collected a number of photos and tutorials below. We would love to have you share your pictures and egg-decorating tips and tricks with us. Let us know if you try any of these and how they work out for you (or don’t work out as those can be fun stories as well).

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Chalk Board Easter Eggs

This idea from Oleander and Palm is great for the kids. Just coat the eggs with chalk board paint and then let the kids draw on the decorations. They are pictured with white chalk in the photo, however with all of the different colors of chalk now days, you could use pastels or even neon to make these unique little cuties.

Hot Rock Easter Eggs

These Hot Rock eggs from Full Circle are so colorful and easy. I will say that perhaps these would be better for kids that are a bit older as they are dealing with fairly warm, freshly boiled eggs. When the eggs are pulled from the boiling water you run the crayon over the surface of the egg. You can also take bits and pieces of the crayons and set them on the eggs to melt and then move them around with a toothpick or paperclip.

Marbled Easter Eggs

Over at Barefoot Kitchen Witch they are doing some very cool things. These are made by coloring cracked eggs. They will make beautiful Easter Deviled Eggs rather than “hunting” Easter Eggs.

Glow In The Dark Easter Eggs

Perhaps have this years Easter Egg Hunt…. in the dark?!?! Well over at Growing A Jeweled Rose, that is exactly what they have figured out how to make happen. All you need to make these is Glow In The Dark Paint, vinegar and water. So easy and SO cool!

Golden Marbled Easter Eggs

I’m sure y’all have heard of the goose that laid the golden egg? Well, here is the Easter Egg that came from that (possibly?). These eggs are so beautiful you may want to actually “blow” them out first so that you are able to save them for years to come. At She Knows you will learn how to make these little gems. (Hint – they seem to be much easier to make than you would think)

Striped Eggs

Over at Librarianism Chronicals they will explain how they originally took a tutorial by Martha Stuart and developed into these fantastic, graphic, colorful striped eggs. Who wouldn’t love finding a basket filled with these? Again, they seem to be much easier to make than they actually look.

There are so many different mediums to decorate your eggs, we just couldn’t show them all. As I said above, we really would love to hear from y’all about how you decorate yours. Send us pictures and we will happily share them.

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