Does Your Family Have This Much Fun? - Do you have family members that just make you smile? Well I have many but my Mom and Aunt Lou are the BEST! Family Fun | Funny Videos | #family
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Does Your Family Have This Much Fun?

Does Your Family Have This Much Fun?

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Do you have family members that just make you smile?

Well I have many but my Mom and Aunt Lou are the BEST!

Be sure to check out the video at the end of this blog post!!

These two women were and are very influential in my life. They have taught me so many things through all of my 54 years, but what they taught me most was how to be a little kid at heart.

My Mom LOVES games, even video games which she has been “trying” to play with my daughter Brianna for years. I say trying because when it comes to video games my Mom doesn’t exactly understand that you have to move the “button” or “toggle” on the controller NOT the controller itself. If you don’t have the visual yet, let me help you. If she wants to make her character move to the left, she actually moves the entire controller to the left or up or down or…. I’m sure you are getting the picture now. Now you have to understand, we all know this about my Mom and we have all gotten great laughs from watching this (including her, bringing her to tears many times from laughing so hard).

She played a Berenstain Bears game with my daughter when she was young (about 5 years old), fell into a brier patch and couldn’t get out on the game. She wanted the bear to jump out of the patch so she just kept lifting the controller into the air, which of course didn’t work, but we all laughed so darn hard watching her we couldn’t hardly breathe.

So fast forward now to several years ago when my Mom and Aunt Lou came to visit us when we were living back in Minnesota. We had just gotten a Wii gaming system for lots of family fun and I KNEW my Mom and Aunt would have a great time with this. We played a couple of games, including bowling which both my Mom and Aunt love to do, and that’s when the kids decided to show them the sword fighting game.

I KNEW this was going to be one of those “moments” that we would never forget and I wanted to have the video to back up the story for years to come. Even the kids knew this was going to be something special as you will see Jessica sitting on the couch with her video camera as well. Needless to say, my Mom and my Aunt did not disappoint us.

This is the video of what took place on that fabulous day.

I will warn you, you are going to laugh and laugh hard!!!

Make it a great day, you deserve it!!


P.S. When we originally turned this into a YouTube video we were trying to see if we could make my Mom and Aunt into Internet sensations. Please help us towards that goal by sharing this post to social media!!!

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