The 10 best things you can do to finish off the year & prepare for the next. Deal with the past to be able to move forward into the next year! New Years | New Years Resolution | #NewYears
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The 10 Best Ways To Finish Off The Year

Every year we most of us sit around making New Year Resolutions. How many of us actually think about the best way to finish off the year?

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Here are a list of 10 things you can do to finish off the year and prepare for the next.

List 10 Accomplishments of the year – It has been a long year of hard work (Ok, so it has actually been the same length as other years but some years just feel longer don’t ya think?) Take a few moments to sit down and list out 10 things that you were able to accomplish this year. Whether it was battling an illness and winning or just getting all of your Christmas shopping done before Christmas Eve. By listing these things you will be filled with a sense of accomplishment and let’s face it, we know that just feels down right good!

List 15 things you are grateful for – Close your eyes for a moment and concentrate on all your blessings. Write down at least 15 things that you are grateful for from this past year. Many of you will be able to list more than that, and that’s fantastic, go ahead and list as many as you can. Some of you will think that there is no way that you could possibly have 15 things to be grateful for, but I think you will be surprised by doing this exercise. When we take a moment to reflect, we usually find so many things to be grateful for. This will help to fill you with a sense of gratitude as we close out the year and begin the new one.

List 5 things that you want to let go of from this year – Perhaps you have been struggling with losing 5 lbs and beating yourself up for not having accomplished it. Let it go!! There are enough things in this world that are against us, we don’t have to be against ourselves as well. If you have been hurting about a situation, let it go!! You can’t move forward until you let these things go. Let go of the job that you didn’t get or the promotion that you may not have gotten. Just LET GO!!! You will find that you need to let go of these things in order to let bigger and better things into your life.

Apologize – I know, this one may be a bit more difficult but I promise you will feel so much better. If there is someone that you have wronged or perhaps just weren’t there for in a way that you should have been and you know it….apologize!! You will be amazed at the weight that will be lifted off of your shoulders.

Donate 10 personal items – We live in a world were most of us collect “things” through out the year. These things tend to clutter not only our homes but also our lives. Don’t get me wrong, I am all about keeping those extremely sentimental items that were given to us by a special person, however, do you really need to keep the 15 tee shirts in your closet that you haven’t worn in years? Or maybe it is the comforter that was on your bed before you bought your current one (I am terrible with this one. I save comforters like my life depends on it. I will definitely be getting rid of these!).

Accept the apologies of others – It takes a big person to apologize, it takes an even bigger person to accept the apology of someone that has truly hurt them or done them wrong. I think you will find that by finally accepting the apology, you will be able to move forward to the new year and leave the hurt or disappointment you have been feeling behind.

Thank those that have truly helped you this year – This is a big one!! Take a few minutes (or how ever long you need) to make a list of all of the people that have been there for you this year. When you are done, give them a call, write a note or send an email letting them know just how truly thankful you are for them having been there for you. Give them a huge heartfelt THANK YOU! We all love to feel appreciated and so often we can take those special people in our lives for granted.

Purge your social media accounts of negativity – We all have those people on our social media that are negative nelly’s. You know the ones, no matter how many wonderful things happen in their lives they will always find a way to complain. Get rid of those people!!! You may not be able to remove them from your real life (yet), but you don’t need to see it every time you look at your social media accounts.

Sever ties with those that you know in your heart you should. – There are always those people in our lives that we know are toxic. It might be a family member, a friend or a significant other. I know it can be hard to be done with these people, however, this is your time!!

Forgive yourself – Probably the biggest thing on this list of the best way to end the year is, Forgive Yourself! This may well be the hardest thing I am asking you to do, however, it is actually the most important of all of the things on this list. Perhaps you made a New Years Resolution last year and you didn’t stick to it, forgive yourself. Maybe you didn’t accomplish as much around the house as you had wanted, forgive yourself. What about that time that you had to say no to doing something for someone else because you needed some “me time”, forgive yourself. Finish off the year with a clean slate where yourself is concerned.

I hope that this list helps you to finish off the year in a very positive way! Now, look forward…. life comes fast and if we don’t focus we will miss the important moments.

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  • Linda Boire

    I loved your article today on how to finish off the year! You discussed apologizing, gratitude and saying thank you. It helped me to take a step forward and apologize to someone and it gave me peace. I can move forward, forgive and feel positive .. heal myself. 2020 is a new year, a new decade .. new beginnings and endless possibilities. It’s so exciting !!!

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