How did you quit smoking? #quitsmoking #smoking #howtoquitsmoking

How Did You Quit Smoking?

How Did You Quit Smoking?

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I am coming to y’all for some help again. I am looking for methods that others have used, and have success with, for quitting smoking.

My 8-year-old grandson is begging me to quit smoking. He has been living with us since the pandemic started and will be with us at least through the end of the year.

I have smoked for many years and have quit several times, however, this time I need to do it not only for him but for my health. I would like to make sure I am around to see him graduate from school and get married someday.

Please HELP me to quit smoking!

Nicotine patches, nicotine gum, nicotine lozenges, vape sticks, essential oils… I have tried them all. Nothing seems to stick and lately it has seemed even more difficult.

What have ya’ll used that has helped you?

Just drop your advice and methods below to let me know.

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  • Trish

    I quit smoking 5 years ago! I woke up one morning and said when this pack of cigarettes is gone I am not buying any more! And I didn’t!
    The first thing is you have to really want to quit, and I mean…REALLY REALLY want to quit!

    Good luck!😊

  • Pam

    It has to be difficult to reach for a cigarette. Triple or quadruple wrap the package. The more time it takes to get one will help you slow yourself down. I also made sure the times I smoked, were not there. IE: I liked to smoke after a meal. I would immediately get up, remove the dishes and get busy with something. Many people use smoking as permission for a break. Do something else for your break. My Covid pounds have added up. I am going back to knitting and crocheting so my hands are busy. I will not soil my fingers and get the food stains on my projects. Good Luck and remember every time you quit, you are closer to quitting for good. I used to get free cigs on the streets of Richmond as a promo and smelled the tobacco warehouses in my travels. Cigs back then were
    $0. 25 a pack at 7-11. You can always use financial issues as a motivator also. One trick isn’t enough. Use as many as you can find! Anything you want to spend the money you use on cigs for something else???

  • Mindy

    Hubby was admitted into the hospital for pneumonia so he quit smoking while there. A short time later my company decided to move to another state and I elected not to go so I took the time to fix things around the house (paint inside, landscaping projects etc). After smoking for years inside the cigarette smoke seeps into the walls and before painting they need to be washed down. After seeing what wiping the walls off did I made the decision to no longer smoke inside the house. Well living in Northern Indiana it can be pretty brutal during the winter season and even with a covered porch when that north wind blows and one is standing outside smoking plus around that time the price of cigarettes started to really climb. With no job prospects in sight had to budget carefully. So having the last pack of cigarettes at the house just made the decision that when that pack was gone that was it. It was difficult and the husband never even noticed that I stopped which would really set me off. It was actually two weeks later when he asked if I was still smoking. It can be difficult even now as there are things that will set me off and I wish I had a cigarette but the walls are better and I feel so much better. Plus my clothes no longer smell all the time.

  • William Stoneman

    I simply said to myself OVER AND OVER, I CHOOSE NOT to smoke. That way, I wasn’t depriving myself of anything.

  • Anitha

    My husband is chain smoker I’m trying a lot to make him stop

    But what I’m trying become useless as he can’t stay without it more then an hour

    Currently I pushed him to try for e cigarette but still going for normal one

    Not sure how to get this done to make him stop smoking

  • Libby

    I quit cold turkey!!! Thinking If I can go 15 minutes without a smoke let’s see if I can go an hour. Then 2 hours 3 hours a day 2 days a week an so on. But you have to be conscious of it. The weekends were the worst. If you can go 2 weeks you can quit. Just don’t start back because of a crisis. You will be so glad you quit. Do ever light a cigarette for someone else. Once you get that nicotine on your lips you will be craving one like crazy.

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