Kids Homemade Halloween Costumes
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Kids Homemade Halloween Costumes

Remember when we were young and we used to make or have help making our homemade Halloween costumes?

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I honestly can’t remember my Mama and Daddy ever going out and spending money at a store on a costume. (Especially not the kind of money they are charging these days for children’s costumes).

Well with that in mind we came across some really cute kids’ costumes on, that are easy to make with your children.

We just love cute little children in Halloween costumes, so please send us pictures of your little ghosties and goblins, fairies, and princesses or maybe even one of the costume ideas we posted here. We would love to feature them here on Two Southern Sweeties!!

Make it a great day, you deserve it!

Book Of Spells Costume 

Book of Spells homemade Halloween costume

YOU’LL NEED • Measuring tapeScissors2 yards white felt Glue gunGold, wide, single-fold bias tapeBlack markerGlitter glueLizardsStick-on VelcroWhite leotard

1. Have your child stand with arms stretched out. Measure from wrist to wrist across your child’s back, then from shoulder blades to mid-thigh. Cut white felt to these measurements.

2. Lay felt out flat. On each end of the “book,” glue gold bias tape to the edge of the length of felt. Run a second layer of bias tape slightly overlapping the first, and a third slightly overlapping the second. Measure 6″ from the top of the book and write “spells” with a black magic marker. Use glitter glue to color titles of your spells; let glue dry overnight. Stick lizards where you desire.

3. Stick one side of Velcro onto the top edge of the book. Stick 1″ pieces of the other side of Velcro to the back of the arms of the leotard. Have a child get into a leotard. Attach the book to her back with Velcro.

Witches Cauldron Costume

Witches’ Cauldron homemade Halloween costume

YOU’LL NEED • Measuring tape • Scissors Cardboard • Glue gun • Serrated knife • 1 yard water-print fabric • 1½ yards black felt • ¼ yard orange felt • Yellow felt square • Red felt square • Needle, black thread • 1 yd ½” elastic • Safety pin • Plastic frogs, lizards, bones, eyeballs • 1″ and 1½” styrofoam balls • Poly-Fil • Newspaper or tissue paper • Black shirt • Black pants

1. Measure the child’s head; add 2. Cut a circle from cardboard with this diameter. Measure 7 to 8″ out from hole; cut outside circle to form a ring. Glue water-print fabric to the front of the ring with a glue gun. Trim fabric; leave 3″ overhang. Glue edges to back. Trim hole; leave 2 to 3″ of fabric. Cut slits in fabric overhang; glue to back.

2. Measure the perimeter of the ring; add 3″ and note the measurement. Cut four (24 long) oval pieces (determine width by dividing the noted number by four) from black felt. Make sure the widest part of the oval is double width of edges.

3. Lay out one felt oval flat. Run glue down the edge of the longer side. Place the second oval on top of first; press glued seam together, let dry. Open ovals with the seam facing down. Run glue down the edge of one attached oval. Place another oval on top of it, glue as above. Repeat with the last oval. Close cauldron by gluing together outer ovals. Turn cauldron right-side out. Cut orange, red, and yellow felt flames. Glue flames to the cauldron. Turn cauldron inside out. Stitch 1 pocket on bottom edge; leave 1″ opening. Thread elastic through and close ends with a safety pin. Turn cauldron right-side-out. Glue ring to the top of the cauldron by folding 1 of felt over the top edge. Cut arm holes 3″ to 4″ from top of the cauldron. Cut eyeballs and bones in half and glue to “water.” Glue all other “brew ingredients” to water.

4. Place cauldron over child’s head and arms through side holes. Adjust elastic on bottom so it is snug around child’s legs. Stuff with newspaper or tissue paper.

Bling Out Rapper

Blinged Out Rapper Homemade Halloween Costume

Complement a baggy track suit with homemade medallions.

YOU’LL NEED • Gold cardboard • Glue • Gold glitter • Hole punch • Gold cord • Also: tracksuit, oversize T-shirt, trucker hat and sneakers

* Create jewelry. Decorate circles of gold cardboard with glue and glitter; let dry. Punch a hole through each circle and hang from a loop of gold cord to finish each necklace. Put everything on.

Punked Out Pip-Squeak

Punked out pip-squeak homemade Halloween Costume

Adapt this for a boy by subbing in ripped jeans for the skirt.

YOU’LL NEED • Baby bonnet • Felt • Cardboard • Fabric glue • Needle and thread • Ribbon • Self-adhesive Velcro tabs • Also: tank top, plaid skirt, dog tags (keep long to avoid a safety hazard) and high-top sneakers

* Snip a mohawk. Trim brim off the bonnet. Cut a 2-by-8-inch strip of felt and make three 2-inch slits spaced a half-inch apart along its length. Cut three cardboard triangles 4 inches tall by 2 inches wide; cover with six felt triangles. Insert the base of triangles into slits in the felt strip, fold over a half-inch seam on the bottom, and glue in place. Pin strip with triangles facing up on a bonnet and then whip stitch to the bonnet.

* Create wrist cuffs. Cut lengths of ribbon and attach Velcro to each end.

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