My Favorite Christmas Story
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My Favorite Christmas Story

My Favorite Christmas Story is a peek into Christmas at my home with my family and the wonderful story that has come out of it. A story that will now be read every Christmas.

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Like most everyone else, things have been a bit tight for my husband and me this year. This is one of the reasons I asked him for a Christmas gift that was from his heart.

Well, he did not disappoint!

I slowly opened the last present of Christmas, curious as to what it was. Inside I found a frame with green construction paper inside.

My daughter, son-in-law, grandson, and husband all watched on as I started reading the printing on the paper in the frame…

My Favorite Christmas Story is a true story of Christmas gift from my husband that started a new family Christmas tradition. #2020 #2020Christmas #Christmastraditions #homemadegift

My Favorite Christmas Story

December 25, 2020

Everyone has their favorite Christmas story… ‘Twas the night before Christmas’, Linus’ rendition of ‘The True Story of Christmas’, ‘The Story of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer’, or the Charles Dickens classic ‘A Christmas Carol’ and the list goes on!

Mine is a little lesser known, but like many of the others, has one main character and many supporting characters.

T’was the day after Halloween, and all around the house, was Tracey dancing, while the dogs sat on the couch! The Christmas music was playing as the rooms got cleared. Poor Goober, Bella and Barley thought Momma was being weird.

The decoration boxes came out and the trees went up, what a big change for these three curious pups! Seven trees in all, we hope they don’t fall!

As November goes forth and Christmas grows near, the aisles of Walmart fill with more cheer! The ornaments, garland and stockings stacked high; but what does Tracey see? All those toys that say ‘Push Here…Try Me’!!

Next are the cookies, she does them so well. Four or five kinds…oh that wonderful smell! Boxed up and mailed to the family they go, how they all love them so!

And what is that she spies in a room, a tiny Christmas Village with trains that go zoom! The whistle she blows and the bell she does ring, while listening to ol’ Bing Crosby sing, sing sing!!

A friend in need, oh yes indeed, Tracey’s there to help with the tree! More lights she says, as they dash for the car, DG it is, Walmarts too far!

As December rolls on, we all know, the Hallmark Channel and others will be aglow. Santa Claus, a Princess and a tall Elf, even the one that sits on a shelf.

Wearing new ‘Jammies’ on Christmas Eve and Morn, have become tradition and the new family norm.

Dinner with family and friends from far and near, Tracey is filled with Holiday Cheer! And for those special pups we love so much, a small dinner treat with a Christmas touch!

This is my favorite Christmas Story…..

As I read there was both laughter and tears.

He wrote this for ME! I simply couldn’t believe it.

I cried as I wrapped my arms around him and hugged my husband tightly. Whispering softly, “thank you” as I kissed him tenderly on the cheek.

This was the best Christmas present ever!

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