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Next Level Halloween Prank

Next Level Halloween Prank

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Halloween has always been a big deal around my house. We actually used to have contests with our neighbors to see who’s house would scare the most kids. We would make sure to decorate for everyone, as we wanted the little ones to enjoy themselves, but the ones that were a little older and understood Halloween was supposed to be a bit scary and spooky…well those were the ones we wanted to get running down the driveway yelling “Oh my gosh Randy, you HAVE to go and check out that house!!!!!”

We are always looking for ways to step up our Halloween game around here. Well here is something that will have the older kids and adults running.

Take a Grim Reaper Halloween costume and throw it over a drone.


Next Level Halloween Prank

Check out the entire video, done my Tom Mabe, below.

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