How To Pay Only $30 A Year For Laundry Soap
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How To Spend Only $30 Per Year For Laundry Soap

Would you like to spend Only $30 Per Year For Laundry Detergent?

Yep, I thought so! Well we are going to show you how!

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As you know I finally took the plunge last year and made my own liquid laundry soap. It was fantastic!!

Of course because I can never leave well enough alone I wanted to try a powdered laundry soap. I went searching around and found lots of recipes for powdered laundry soap. They all varied a bit, but none of them really struck me as being great. Then I found one on One Good Thing By Jillee. It said that you could make a years worth of laundry soap for only $30. BINGO!!! That was the one I wanted to try. Can you imagine, only $30 per year for laundry soap?

The ingredients are easy to find at your local Walmart or even on Amazon. I even went online and found a coupon for the Downy Unstoppables. Feel free to use any type of scent booster you want in this. I use whatever is on sale at the moment, as long as I like the smell of course.  The only thing I didn’t get at Walmart was the baking soda. I buy that in bulk at Costco, Sam’s Club or BJ’s.

I mixed up this giant batch of laundry soap and was very excited to do my laundry. (I know, I know… but believe me, you will be excited to try it out as well) You only use to Tablespoons per load. I measured it out into the little plastic scoop that came with the Sun Oxygen cleaner and it was just shy of a full scoop, so I use that to measure it out. I decided to give this laundry soap a real workout and used it on my Tom’s work clothes (FYI he works on helicopters for the military, can you say DIRTY?) . I have got to tell you, I was highly impressed!!! It got out oil, grease and everything else!! I was sold!!

This works in both regular washing machines and high efficiency machines. In the regular machines, put two Tablespoons into the tub, start the water and add your clothing. In the high efficiency machines, put the two Tablespoons of soap directly into the drum NOT in the detergent dispenser. Add your clothes and start your wash cycle. This works in hot, warm AND cold water (I usually wash everything in cold water).

You will need a very large container to store this in, or two that aren’t so big. I used a large plastic container that animal crackers came in when I purchased them in bulk. I have also used the extra large plastic containers that you can buy pretzels in.

I will put a bit of a disclaimer in, depending on how many people are in your household and how much laundry they create…. this may not last exactly one year or it may last a bit longer than a year. The other disclaimer is, it may not cost you $30 to make. For me, it was LESS!

This makes so much that I even put some into a container for my daughter Brianna. I will surprise her with it this week when she comes over. I am sure it will do wonders for my grandsons clothes.

Please let us know what you think when you make this.

Make it a great day!

$30 A Year Laundry Soap


3 Bars Fels Naphtha (grated)

1 Container Downy Unstoppables

1 Box Borax

1 Box Washing Soda

2 Cups Baking Soda

1 Container Sun Oxygen Cleaner 96 Oz size


Grate Fels Naptha (I use my food processor. Cut bars into smaller cubes and add a bit of any of the powders into the processor to keep the bars from melting into a goopy mess in your processor.)

Add all ingredients to a large garbage bag.

Roll bag around, dig your hands in, mix, stir etc. (You get the picture. Combine well in any manner you can)

Pour into a large container and use a Sharpie to mark directions on the outside of container.

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