• Butter Ball Cookies Buttery cookies with pecans and rolled in powdered sugar. Christmas Cookies, Tea Cookies #christmascookies
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    Butter Ball Cookies

    Two Southern Sweeties Butter Ball Cookies Our Butter Ball Cookies are buttery mounds of goodness with chopped nuts inside and rolled in powdered sugar. They are fantastic for tea parties, Christmas cookies and even just everyday treats. These have been a traditional Christmas cookie in our home since I was a little girl. I used to love helping my Mom roll them in the powdered sugar when they were still warm out of the oven. Of course, a few always managed to pop into my mouth. One of the reasons I love making these at Christmas is that I always make dozens of cookies and candies to mail out to…

  • These Snickerdoodles are a combination of sugar, cinnamon and soft moist deliciousness. We make these as Christmas Cookies. #christmascookies #cookierecipe
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    Nonni’s Snickerdoodles

    These Snickerdoodles are a combination of sugar, cinnamon and soft moist deliciousness. My daughter Brianna absolutely LOVES Snickerdoodles!! So, a few years ago I added this awesome cookie to my list of Christmas cookies that I make each holiday season. To me, family recipes are always the best. I have been working hard at getting our families recipes together to share with our children and their children. This is one of those recipes. This recipe comes from my Mama, or Nonni as my children call her. She is the absolute best cook I have ever met. So when she told me she had this recipe for Snickerdoodles I KNEW they…

  • Fruity Cookies
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    Fruity Cookies

    I know, “Fruity Cookies” sounds a bit funny. I am really not sure where the name came from, possibly my Mama, but I just love saying it. These have been a tradition in my family at Christmas time since, well since I can remember. Fruit Cake is one of my very least favorite Christmas treats, although my husband absolutely loves it. These little cookies resemble them ever so slightly, however, I don’t believe I have met someone yet that has not loved these. They are also terrific to enjoy while dipping into a hot cup of coffee. I really hope that you will make a batch and try them. I…

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    Some of y’all may not know what Pizzelles are but let me assure you, they are delicious! Pizzelles are an Italian cookie that can be found now days in grocery stores. For me, they are not Pizzelles unless they are homemade. The most popular flavor is Anise, however, that is not a flavor that my family and I enjoy so we make Vanilla and Chocolate. These cookies are also used to make cannoli shells in many families. Now these do require a special piece of equipment called a Pizzelle Iron.  The Cucina Pro Pizzelle Baker is my favorite. These cookies are very simple to make. I will tell you straight…