• Chili Lime Baked Cod
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    Chili Lime Baked Cod

    Chili Lime Baked Cod is a delicious, healthy recipe that will please the entire family Those that know me know that I am not a huge “fish” person. That being said, I am trying to become a bit healthier and am aware how important fish is to a good diet. This was something I came up with after seeing a couple other recipes that looked pretty good. It is very flavorful and extremely easy and quick to make. When making it I mixed all of the spices together and rubbed them on to 2 pieces of cod. I thought it would be even better if I put it in the…

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    AWESOME PRICE TIP on Chicken, Ground Beef, Fish and More

    One of the things that Two Southern Sweeties promised when we started this endeavor was that we would share our tips to purchase, cook and serve healthful food to yourself and your family. Here is one of our biggest tips on purchasing staples such as ground beef, fish and chicken breasts. This tip is so AWESOME it was even featured on Good Morning America!! (click on the picture below to view the video) Click HERE NOW To Check These Deals Out!!!   Here is an example of the savings that you will experience with this little Tip. Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts – Usually on sale at your grocers –  $3.29…