• These delicious pinto beans make an inexpensive meal or a great side dish. Best yes, they are made in a Crock Pot / slow cooker so you just set it and forget it.
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    Crock-Pot Pinto Beans

    These delicious crock-pot pinto beans are packed with a huge amount of flavor! They also are cooked in a crock-pot so they are super easy. Lately, I have been trying to clean out my freezer and pantry. If you’re anything like me, you have a lot of things in those places that you have completely forgotten about as they get shoved to the back. Well yesterday morning I came across a BIG ham bone in the freezer and a large bag of pinto beans in the pantry. I don’t know about you, but that was seemed like a sign from someone that I was supposed to make a big pot…

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    Garden Vegetable Soup

    Garden Vegetable Soup This simple garden vegetable soup is a take on the Weight Watchers Zero Point soup ( Now known as WW). Not only does it help to fill you with flavorful, fiber-filled vegetables to keep you from being hungry, but it really is a warm delicious meal! I absolutely love this garden vegetable soup! If you’re like me, you probably have a lot of veggies hanging out in your refrigerator. Even though I use the tips from our blog post How To Make Your Groceries Stay Fresh Longer And Stop Throwing Away Money, I do still to tend to have some vegetables that seem to not get put into other…

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    Too Hot To Cook Taco Salad

    Too Hot To Cook Taco Salad Some of you may have seen this post previously from my previous blog, however, I thought since it was such a huge hit on that one I would post it here as well. Enjoy!! These past several weeks, it has been hotter than hell down here in North Carolina as it has been in most places in the United States.If you’re anything like me and my family, we don’t like hot food on hot days, which can sometimes make it a bit difficult to come up with a filling dinner for two adult males, one teen-aged male and a pregnant woman…oh yes, and myself.…