• This is a great tip on how to soften butter quickly without melting it and without having to soften butter in a microwave. Soften butter for baking #howtosoftenbutter

    How To Soften Butter Quickly

    We’ve all been there. You decide to bake something and you realize your recipe calls for “room temp” butter. Now the question is, “How to soften butter quickly without melting it?” If you’re like me, you’ve tried softening it in the microwave and have had it melt. You’ve tried setting it on top of a warm cook-top and it melts the outside while the inside is still very cold and firm. Ugh!!! There has to be a better way!! Well, there is!! Here is one of the easiest ways to soften this butter quickly without it melting everywhere! One of the coolest baking tips ever tried & true. If you…