• House Wine Of The South is Sweet Tea for all you Yankees out there. This recipe is a quick and easy version of this sweet Southern staple. | Southern Food | Southern Recipes | Southern Drinks | Southern Tea | Sweet Tea | Beverages | Southern Beverages | Tea | Two Southern Sweeties | #southernrecipes #beverages
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    House Wine Of The South – Sweet Tea

    House Wine Of The South (That’s Sweet Tea For You Yankees) In the South, iced tea is a serious thing. It is often referred to as “The House Wine of the South”. When you go into a restaurant and ask for tea, they will give you a glass with ice and some of the sweetest, most wonderful tasting tea poured over the top (diabetics beware). In Georgia, on April Fools Day, many State Legislators introduced a bill that read… As used in this Code section, the term ‘sweet tea’ means iced tea which is sweetened with sugar at the time that it is brewed. “Any food service establishment which serves…