• Proper Southern Manners
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    Proper Southern Manners

    Proper Southern Manners What has happened to Proper Southern Manners? Heck, what has happened to manners in general? I have noticed lately that manners have basically just gone right out the darn window. Walking into a store, young men don’t hold doors any longer (well my son Jacob does and Aileen’s son Zack does).  The language you hear coming out of some of these kids these days is enough to make a sailor cringe and I should know as I am married to one. Even though Tom was a sailor he often cringes hearing these kids. Well I decided that I would post portions of a Booklet on Southern Manners,…

  • Coca Cola Cake
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    Coca Cola Cake

    Coca Cola Cake This cake is the moistest cake we have ever had and my family LOVED it!!! Many people have had this cake at Cracker Barrel and have been trying to come up with the recipe. Well, this one is mighty close. This is a cake that most in the South grew up with right along side Coconut Cake. (Watch for that recipe coming up as well) I found this recipe originally on The Country Cook . Be sure to check out their blog, lots of great recipes over there. I have tweaked a couple of things but the basics are the same. I will say that the icing…

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    Can Y’all Believe This? HELP!!!

    Hey y’all. When we started this blog, we did it in order to share. We have shared laughter, recipes, tips, DIY decorating and several other things. The one thing that I have not shared were some extremely painful experiences that started shortly after having started our blog and Facebook page as well as the wonderful turns my life has taken since then. Well…. today is the day! I am going to go over some of these things not because I feel that I need to, but because they may be helpful to others and because as I do from time to time….I am coming to you for some help. Here…

  • How To Make your Groceries Stay Fresh Longer
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    How To Make Your Groceries Stay Fresh Longer and Stop Throwing Away Money

    How To Make Your Groceries Stay Fresh Longer and Stop Throwing Away Money I don’t know about y’all but all too often I go to the grocery store and buy fresh fruits and vegetables with the best of intentions just to turn around later finding them spoiled and have to throw them away. I tend to shop at Sam’s Club or Costco a lot. I enjoy the savings I get with buying in bulk. The problems has become, I forget that I am only feeding my husband and myself now LOL. Our 3 children have moved forward with their lives and I am no longer cooking for a family of 5 but…

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    Because We All Need a Good Laugh…

    Two Southern Sweeties Because We All Need A Good Laugh Along with the wonderful holidays can come a great deal of stress, I know it does for me. Well we felt it was important for everyone to take a few moments, sit down, put your feet up and have a good laugh!!! Some of these you may have seen before but boy they sure are worth seeing again. I know this absolutely put me in a better frame of mind to face the day and we are betting it will for you also. Make it a great day!!! TweetSharePin1Share2425 Shares

  • These Cheesy Crescent Dogs are not only quick and easy but they are delicious. Something the entire family will love

    Cheesy Crescent Dogs

    Are you looking for a quick, easy dinner that your whole family will love? These Cheesy Crescent Dogs are it!!!! These are so quick and easy to make. This has always been one of the things that I could make for dinner and the whole family (yes even my ex husband) would get excited about. These are a huge hit on game day or even at a party. Just roll out the dough and cut into smaller rectangles. Then, wrap the cheese and crescent roll around some Lil Smokies. So simple! There are also so many different variations that can be done with these, as I just showed you above.…

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    El Conquistador Taco Salad

    El Conquistador Taco Salad ***UPDATE*** As most of y’all know, El Conquistador and I are divorced and have been for many years now. That being said, I absolutely still love his Mama and this recipe. As most of y’all know we call my husband “El Conquistador” (ok truthfully he named himself that and it just kind of stuck LOL). There are certain things that he grew up with that he absolutely loves, much like the rest of us. So for the last 11 years when he would talk about some sort of food or meal that he had in his youth, I will call his Mama and ask her for…

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    Cute Cookie Bowls

    Cute Cookie Bowls Whether you are having a Birthday party for a child, needing a cute idea for an Easter basket, a dinner party, or just want to do something a bit special for the family, these little “cookie bowls” will be a hit. I personally like to make up a little sundae bar with all types of toppings and goodies. Put a scoop of ice cream into the cookie bowl and then let your guests (or family) go at it making their own creations. It’s a no brainer for children, but just let me tell y’all……….. These work wonderfully for little Easter Baskets. Cook the eggs. Use one of…