I like the old paths life seemed simpler, happier and friendlier. I believe all generations look back and feel the same about earlier times.
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The Old Paths

The Old Paths

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I think we all long for days gone by. For days that we remember fondly or even just an era that we have heard about. Life back then just seemed simpler, kinder and yes even easier.

Things seemed to make sense

I think everyone of every generation dreams of earlier days.

Here is a chance to think and reminisce for a few minutes of how things used to be back in the day!

I liked the old paths, when…

Moms were at home.
Dads were at work.
Brothers went into the army.
And sisters got married BEFORE having children!

Crime did not pay;
Hard work did;
And people knew the difference.

Moms could cook;
Dads would work;
Children would behave.

Husbands were loving;
Wives were supportive;
And children were polite.

Women wore the jewelry;
And Men wore the pants.

Women looked like ladies;
Men looked like gentlemen;
And children looked decent.

People loved the truth,
And hated a lie.

They came to church to get IN,
Not to get OUT!

Hymns sounded Godly;
Sermons sounded helpful;
Rejoicing sounded normal;
And crying sounded sincere.

Cursing was wicked;
Drugs were for illness.

The flag was honored; America was beautiful;
And God was welcome!

We read the Bible in public;
Prayed in school;
And preached from house to house.

To be called an American was worth dying for;
To be called an American was worth living for;
To be called a traitor was a shame!

I still like the old paths the best!

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