Have you been wondering "What in the world is this whole "Second Act" thing? Well I am going to break it down for you in this post! midlife, second life, life after 50
The Second Act

The Second Act

Perhaps you’ve heard of this thing called the Second Act and were wondering “What in the world is this whole “Second Act” thing? Well I am going to break it down for you in this post!

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There are many reasons that people find themselves in The Second Act of their lives. Below I have listed just a few.


This was a big one for me personally. Just days after my 49th birthday, my husband walked out. Many people at this stage in their lives (myself included) had been out of the work force and raising kids for many years and now needed to figure out how to survive.

Empty Nesters

You have been home raising your children living your life and all of a sudden….. they are gone! Many times people will get very depressed during this stage of life because their “purpose” has been to take care of their kids and that purpose is no longer there.

Death of a spouse

When you lose a spouse there can be many issues happening all at once. You may find yourself wondering how you are going to be able to survive financially. You absolutely will be trying to figure out how you will make it through the heartbreak of losing your loved one.

Finding Your Passion

You go to work everyday because you are a responsible adult and that is what we were taught to do. One day you wake up and realize you are working at a job that was not your “dream job” and you are not doing what you are really passionate about.

Milestone Birthday

Your Second Act does not start at any definite age, although it is usually around 40 or 50 (mid-life). When we reach a milestone birthday many of us start thinking about the things associated with those numbers. “I just turned _____ is this all there is? Is this what my life is going to be like now? This is NOT where I wanted to be at this age”

You Wake Up

This last one is what happens to many of us in our Second Act. You wake up one day and it’s like a light bulb went off while you were sleeping. You decide that today is the day and things are going to be different!

So What Is The Second Act?

According to Google, the Second Act is – Something a person devotes his life to later in life, after retiring or quitting his original occupation, after a successful career.

Two Southern Sweeties will be defining the Second Act as the second half of life.

One of the wonderful things about the age we live in is that many people in the second half of their lives are healthy, vibrant, energetic, ambitious, and passionate. We also have the wisdom to go along with those things. (Well, most do ha!)

Why Are We Discussing This?

Two Southern Sweeties is going to be veering a bit. I have done much research on and with our readers and their interests. I have found that many of you (not all) are in this stage of life. Two Southern Sweeties wants to give you, the readers, what it is that you are looking for! That is why we will be adding a new section on our blog, titled “The Second Act” where we will be discussing this topic and embracing our age and all things that go with it, rather than wishing to be “younger”.

Wait!!! What About Those Of Us That Aren’t There Yet?

Not to worry, there will still be plenty of tips, recipes, life lessons, and family things going on here. Oh and by the way, although you might not be there “yet” you most likely will be there someday. Reading the Second Act posts will give you something to look forward to!

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  • Jane Lehmann

    I am a new reader of Two Southern Sweeties and really enjoy it. Then this new 2nd act section comes along which super relevant to where I am right now. I never miss your blog as it makes my day with laughter, learning, recipes that make me miss my grandma. It’s like having a good friend stop by…at the back door, a-course. Thank you!

  • Anna S.

    I have been meaning to comment of several of your latest post. Life often gets in the way. I do always take the time to read when I receive your email. Epic idea on “The Second Act”, we all get there at some point or another in our lives. What’s important to realize, in my opinion, is that bulb lights up at the most unexpected times. What often is devestating to us at the moment, opens doors to often times wonderful new beginnings. A sound state of mind is absolutely a must, by all means mourn the lost, nevertheless, it is and was part of your life. Go through the stages of grief, along with gratitude, keep a balance, that will help with the stability of self. Geeeez, wish I would of know that earlier in life myself. As we know with age comes wisdom.
    Wonderful work ladies…..💞

  • Nancy

    So glad to see this. Most blogs now are about young couples raising children. Glad to see something for us “Second Actors.”

  • Denise

    I must start off by saying,I’m full of gratitude to finding this site “The Second Act”. Starting my decade of 2020 with a postive mental attitude. I feel so complete and I didn’t even get started yet. Just by reading the blog. Truly amazed;) It’s a breath of fresh air… Finally

  • Diamond

    I must start off by saying,I’m full of gratitude to finding this site “The Second Act”. Starting my decade of 2020 with a postive mental attitude. I feel so complete and I didn’t even get started yet. Just by reading the blog. Truly amazed;) It’s a breath of fresh air… Finally

  • Kathleen

    I will be 74 in a month. I threw in the towel and retired from the workforce when I was 60. However,I still work part time crossing kids on their way to school. I love kids and I love my job!
    The first thing I do in the morning before getting out of bed is to say,”Thank You” for giving me this day!and then the list goes on.
    My best friend,who by the way is 82,has 8 grown kids,2 fake knees and a replaced hip and I are going zip lining this summer..
    Life is what you make it girls. Its all in the attitude!
    Love reading Two Southern Sweeties!!!

    • Two Southern Sweeties

      Zip Lining???? Wow y’all are out there living and thriving!! That’s so wonderful.
      You are so right when you say “life is what you make it”. I choose to make it BIG!!
      Thank you so much for your comment. We always love hearing from y’all


  • Terri

    Oh, perfect timing on your Second Act articles. I especially enjoyed the one on what not to wear…..Ha! It really hit home. Thanks for the uplifting insight and making me laugh at myself!

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