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Twas The Day After Christmas

Have you ever wondered what happens on the day after Christmas? What Santa and the reindeer do? Well keep reading to find out exactly what takes place the day after Christmas

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Twas the day after Christmas and Santa was beat. Rudolph was soaking his soar reindeer feet.    

The Sleigh was covered with soot from the night, And all of the Reindeer were looking a fright.    

The runners were worn, and the seat cover torn. “Twas good to be Home, on this good Christmas Day Morn.”  

All the elves had gone on vacation As the sleigh full of toys flew over the nation    

So Santa was left with a mountain of work He looked toward the toy shop, but turned with a jerk    

Getting a lantern and mug of Root beer He went to the barn were he kept his Reindeer    

He took from the stack, a fork full of hay And a bucket of water, he pumped on the way    

He spoke in a whisper as he worked on his team He combed and brushed ’til they glistened and gleamed    

Then he went to the shop and he reached for the shelf Where polish was kept, by Buttons the Elf    

He polished all morning and worked through the day To bring back the shine of the dirty old sleigh    

Then he grinned as he walked down the path made of silk To his fridge that was BULGING…..with Cookies and Milk    

by Nevin Hawlman    

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