A Valentine's Day Fairytale is a heartwarming true story of adoption. #adoption #valentinesday
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A Valentine’s Day Fairytale About Adoption

A Valentine’s Day Fairytale – A Story About Adoption (My adoption)

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Once upon a time, a long long time ago (1966 to be exact) in a land far far away (Alamaba) lived Marilou and Dick. They had so much love to give and wanted to share that love with a child. As sometimes happens, things did not work out exactly as planned, so they decided to adopt a baby.

They went to the Nuns at Catholic Charities to start the process. They explained to the Nuns that they were wanting a healthy, infant that was a boy and they were going to name him Brett…

They went back home and waited…. and waited… and waited.

Finally one day the Nuns called. They explained to Marilou and Dick that they finally had a baby available for them, there was only one problem, the baby they had was a girl. Marilou and Dick didn’t care and hurried to make plans to pick up their baby girl.

As a little side note, you should know that Dick had just gone out a short time before and had purchased a 1961 Corvette. As most of you know, a Corvette is just not going to work when you have to travel with a child. Dick quickly went and traded the Corvette in on a Station Wagon. (I’m sure all of you “car” people are just groaning at that.)

When Marilou and Dick arrived on Valentine’s Day, they were handed the little girl, held her, and fell in love with her.

They raised her with so much love, caring, and compassion. As she was growing up, her parents always wanted her to feel special instead of having to live with the stigma that is sometimes attached to being adopted.

When their daughter would come home crying from school because kids had made fun of her for being adopted, Marilou and Dick told their daughter that she was very special because they picked her out of ALL the other babies that they had to choose from. That always helped to keep the little girl’s head raised higher and she went on to explain this to all of the people that made fun of her throughout her life.

Some years later, when the little girl had grown into a woman, she found out the truth about how she was adopted but at that point, she had been loved SO much by her parents that she had become a happy and confident adult who understood just how much her parents had loved her and how important she was in the world.

And they lived Happily Ever After

To my Mom Marilou and My Dad Dick,…
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for “choosing” me to be your little girl. I am grateful every single day for such wonderful parents. I love you both with all that I am. All those years ago, on Valentine’s Day the day, I was adopted, I truly became the luckiest girl in the world!!!



I truly hope you enjoyed the story of my Valentine’s Day adoption. I’m sure many of you also have wonderful stories of adoption and I would love for you to share them with us.

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  • Ren

    That was so touching and just what I needed to read. I’m not adopted, but I am an only child raised by my maternal grandfather. Today I have heard nothing from my married children, so I’m sure they are enjoying their own Valentine’s celebrations with their children; my two single sons with their respective female friends. This has restored my joy in this day.

  • Myrna Dooley

    I was adopted too. BUT I was adopted by a husband & wife that lived in a very small town. The year I was adopted there was another girl & 2 hoys adopted. Then 2 or 3 years later the family with the girl & one of the famiies with a boy adopted another girl each. Then the set that was one boy & one girl got an adopted cousin.

    So, in our little town we had 7 of us adopted kids. No one dared to make fun of us or talk trash about us.

    The four of us oldest ones all did very well in school. One day a little boy in our class went home & asked his mother if he was adopted. She got all huffy & said “NO”….

    Then he started crying. His mother asked why & he told her that “All the smart kids are adopted and I’m not smart.”

    His mother hadn’t been aware that we had so many adopted kids for a small town.

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