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We’re Back…Again!!

As many of you know, we had a post that went viral…very viral. So viral in fact, that it crashed our server which is shared with several others. Unfortunately, in order to not cause others any harm, our site had to be taken offline.

We are back now, but had to remove the post The White Envelope. That is the post that went viral and caused us and others so many issues.

One of the things our hosting company told us was that we needed to get our site “optimized”. I have done some checking and this will cost at least $500. We then will have to get a dedicated server instead of sharing so that we never cause anyone else any issues.

With having just paid for our wedding, dealing with hurricane damage and Christmas around the corner I just do not have the funds at the moment. I am holding the site together as best as I am able for the time being with the help of the hosting company.

One of our friends on our Facebook page suggested a Go Fund Me campaign to raise the money. There have been a few very generous people that have contributed to the campaign and I am ever so grateful for their help. If you would like to contribute, please visit our Go Fund Me campaign by clicking HERE 

Thank y’all for your support and kind words during all of this. It means so much!!

Make it a great day!


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